Dunhinda Falls Badulla

Dunhinda Falls Badulla

One of the most adorable waterfalls of Sri Lanka, Dunhinda falls is in the Badulla District and north of Badulla town. Travellers need to pass about 4km from Badulla town to Dunhinda falls via Mahiyangana road and need to cross the muddy path of length one kilometre to reach the falls exactly.

The Dunhinda falls pour out the water from a height of 63meters.Outpouring of water from falls makes to feel as being in heaven. The name Dunhinda also has the meaning similar to smoky falls. Badulu oya originates the falls from Udamala mountain range. There is a stage constructed at the end of the access way to adore the view of Dunhinda falls.

The falls is busy with local and foreign tourists because of its scenic view.

Kuda Dunhinda, a small fall and many other sellers are available on the way to Dunhinda falls. Also rest inns and hotels are available to comfort the tourists. 

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2017 October 20

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