Jaffna Public Library

Jaffna Public Library

In 1980’s Jaffna library existed as one of the largest library in Asia. The knowledge lighten up source is located in a prominent place of Jaffna city, Northern Province.

“A library is a hospital for brain”,

It is a famous saying by anonymous which resembles the importance of library for an area. But the Jaffna library treasure was destroyed in civilian war by some violent rioters. Earlier it was built in an international standard at that time with the help of Indian Architects. The major educational source of Jaffna, the library was burnt in 1981. At the time of destruction the library boast more than 97,000 but after one year destruction it was reopened with the collection of new books from the community. In the 21st century the library building was rebuilt with some alterations. The goddess of education in Hindu religion, Saraswathi statue was placed in the front entrance of library. Now the library is under the control of Jaffna Municipal Council.

As the Jaffna library is noted as a significant building of Jaffna, the travellers are common in visiting. Mostly school children from all over the country make a visit during their school trip.

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