Hunas Falls kandy

Hunas Falls kandy

In Elkaduwa, a village in the Kandy city of Matale District, Hunnas falls or Hunnasgiriya waterfall is located. The scenic venue is nearly 23km from the main town Kandy. The height of waterfall is less than 50m and located at a height of (nearly) 1760m above sea level.

The hunnas waterfall is originated from Hunnasgiriya peak which is situated at the one end of knuckles range. Altogether five streams, including Sudu ganga river and Mahaoya reservoir which routes hunnas waterfall originate from Hunnasgiriya peak. Around the water fall, a rich botany of hill country is available. According to historic stories it is stated that Buddha visited Hunnasgiriya before Samanalakande to mark his foot print and he tied a giant lizard which disturbed him with a cackle sound. The villagers believe that the lizard remains mute around the falls. On your way to Hunnas falls you can treat your eyes with greeny tea plants and traditional village views. The cool climate which ranges between 17degrees to 25degrees welcomes more tourists to adore the picturesque view.

Nature lovers and those who interested to spend the time relax fully with their loved ones are the most common visitors to Hunnas falls. Specialy newly married couples enjoy the cool breeze venuewell. The greeny background adds more colour to the waterfall and attracts more tourists.

A hotel named Hunnas falls hotel is at the head of Hunnas waterfall in a distance of 2km. There you can enjoy the natural water swimming pool, variety of wildlife, plants within the secured area. Sembuwatta lake, Polgolla dam and Aluwiharaya famous ancient temple are also located around the Hunnasgiriya waterfall.

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