Seven Virgins Hills in Maskeliya

Seven Virgins Hills in Maskeliya

One of the best hiking places of Sri Lanka, the seven virgins range or saptha kanya is located in Maskeliya, Central Province. The name clearly resembles that the mountain range consist of seven peaks. The Luxapana falls on the background of seven Virgins mountain range feeds the eyes with adorable scenic view.

The range is filled with abundant natural vegetation like tea, bamboo. It results in adventures hiking through greeny bushes and steep slopes. The mountain range became more popular after the incident of plane crash between the 2nd and 3rd mountain peaks in 1974. The view of sun rise from the peak is picturesque and the travellers can enjoy the view of water steam illusion by the atmospheric condition between the 6th and 7th peaks of the mountains.

Seven virgins range is very suitable for those who love adventure, hiking, wildlife and nature. It is advisable to hire a campaigner and the tourists have to be aware of leech and other insects. 

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