Sembuwatta |Sembuwatha Lake Matale

Sembuwatta |Sembuwatha Lake Matale

In the Matale District of Central Province a man made reservoir attracts tourists to adore its scenic view. According to Google, Sembuwaththa Lake is nearly 170km from the capital city of the Island, Colombo and 22km from Matale town. The lake is located in the Elkaduwa tea estate. The travellers have to pass the hard turning roads between Elkaduwa town and Sembuwaththa Lake.

Adorable scenic view of the lake never retards to imprint in the minds of visitors. The lake is at the top of the hill and the tourists can reach the lake by vehicle. But if you are interested in hiking then the venue suits you too. The Sembuwatta Lake is belongs to Elkaduwa tea estate and also maintained by the same. The travellers have to get the entrance ticket for the lake at the entrance of tea estate factory. There is a distance of (nearly) 2km from the estate entrance to the lake. According to the villagers the area of lake was used as golf course by the British at that time and later they made the area as Sembuwatta Lake. Although it is a manmade Lake, it was originated from natural spring water. As the lake was deeper, to more than 30feet it is not advisable to bath. To convince the tourists there is a natural swimming pool feed by natural spring water is located at the one end of the lake.

If you are a nature lover then you can’t skip this place from your trip list. Small huts are available around the lake to sit and relax you.

Hunas waterfall and the Hunas falls hotel are somewhat near the lake where you can extend your visit. As there is no shops around the lake arrange your food and beverages before you start to climb up. Sembattuwa Lake is a place which is worth enough to travelling.

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