Minneriya National Park

Minneriya National Park

In the North central province of the Island and near the city of Polannaruwa , the Minneriya wildlife National park is located. Minneriya National park is a rich eco wildlife sanctuary within the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka. The ancient Minneriya Tank which was built by King Mahesan is also located somewhat near the park. As the park is situated in the dry zone, the historically important Minneriya tank plays a good role in providing water for the living ones around the area.

In early days the area was well known as wildlife sanctuary and in 1997 August 12th it was declared as National Park. Now the park is under the department of wildlife conservation. Park is decorated with flora and fauna naturally. The park is well known for Elephant gathering. More than 150 elephants gather around the Minneriya tank to feed them in some days. Many endangered and endemic species are found in the park. Mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, grasses and plants are scattered in number of species. Spreading of weeds and pests, destruction to trees and plants are notified as natural and manmade threats to the Minneriya Park.

Bird watchers and nature lovers are more interested in visiting the Minneriya Park. The visitors are advised not to harm the wildlife and make sure their safe to avoid hard experience while admiring the National Park.

The tourists have to rent a vehicle to explore the venue because there is no accommodation and other facilities within the Park. But the near cities such as Sigirya, Polannaruwa provide enough facilities with good accommodation too.  

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