Nagadeepa Budhist Temple in Jaffna

Nagadeepa Budhist Temple  in Jaffna

Nagadeepa Vihara is a prominent venue of the Nainativu Island, Northern Province for the Buddhist pilgrims. Nagadeepa Viharaya is nearly 35 km apart from Jaffna town. Have to pass two Islands namely, Kayts Island and Pungudutivu Island before reach Nagadeepa Vihara. From Jaffna town to Pungudutivu Island, bus services are available. From Kurikadduvan Jetty, end of Pungudutivu Island to Nagadeepa Vihara ferry services are available to carry the travellers.

The temple jetty leads to the Nagadeepa vihara along the road. Rajayathana stupa which is coated with silver colour paint reveals the history behind Nagadeepa Vihara. Two Naga kings were fought for a throne decorated by gem and the dispute between them came to an end by Lord Buddha who preached non violence to them. According to chronicles this is the second time where Lord Buddha visited the country after 5 years of the enlightenment. Later, the gem decorated throne was enshrined in the Rajayathana stupa.According to historical evidence kings Devanampiyatissa, Dutugemunu reconstructed the stupa and declared the place as fully sacred. Other than stupa, two shrine rooms also exist in the premises of vihara. Bronze Buddha statue and ancient Bo tree are some peculiar attractions.

Pilgrims are common in visiting Nagadeepa vihara. But not only local pilgrims but also foreign pilgrims visit here. Other than Buddhists those who interest in archaeological and historical studies also visit.

Famous shrine of Hindus, Shree Nagapooshani Amman temple also exist near Nagadeepa vihara. Naiatheevu is a notable island of Sri Lanka as it is mentioned in famous historical sources such as manimekalai and mahavamsha. Nagadeepa vihara (Buddhist worshiping place) of Nainatheevu (area of land belongs to Tamils) act s as a bridge between North and South after many decades of war.

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