Pinnawala Open-Air Zoo

Pinnawala Open-Air Zoo

A developing village in Kegalle District and which is nearly 110km from the capital city Colombo is known to be as Pinnawala. The open air national zoological garden was opened on 2015 April 17th at Pinnawala. Pinnawala open air zoo is the first open air zoo in Sri Lanka and the second national zoo, next to Dehiwala zoo. The zoo covers an area nearly about 44 acres, without disturbing the natural environment beauty.

The first thought for this zoo was came during the period of former President, Chandika and the arrangements terminated in two more years. Then again in 2002 to 2008 it’s started and stopped. Finally from 2010 the arrangements were hurried to open the zoo. In the opening ceremony of the zoo the spokes man said that this is the fifth time they succeeded opening the open air zoo.

Pinnawalaa Zoo

The zoo welcomes tourist from all over. After the opening on Pinnawala zoo, the Pinnawela elephant orphanage, the famous attraction spot of Kegalle for many years was defeated by the number of visiting tourists from local and foreign. The zoo consists of two major divisions such as Sri Lankan and World. The Sri Lankan section includes many native animals such as deer, Sri Lankan leopard, crocodiles, species of monkeys, birds, turtles and many other endangered species. As the same the World section holds non native animals. The open air maintains an International standard to treat the tourists well. You can find dining and relaxing venues around the zoological garden. Pinnawala open zoo is a new famous tourist spot of Sri Lanka where the one can feel the international standard too. 

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