Royal college colombo

Royal college colombo

Colombo, Royal College is a best reputed boys’ school in Sri Lanka. The Royalists, production of the Royal College plays an important role in making the Alma Mater proud. 1881 August 1st, the name Royal College was declared with the approval of Queen Victoria to an existing Academic centre named Colombo Academy. The school is located in Colombo 7, Rajakeeya Mawatha, Cinnamon gardens.

6th Governor of Ceylon, Sir Robert Wilmot Horton considered as the founder of the 1st Public Boys’ School of Sri Lanka, Colombo Academy. At early stage, a private school was started in the veranda of the church St. Paul’s by Rev. Marsh in 1835 January with 20 pupils. Then in 1836, the school was converted to Colombo Academy by Governor Sir Robert Wilmot Horton. School motto and school colours were introduced during the period of Principal George Todd. Then the school was named as Royal College from Colombo Academy on 1881 August 1st during the period of Principal J.B. Cull.

 Disce aut discede – is Latin which resembles the meaning learn or leave. The one who enter the school reads it at the main entrance of present building of Royal College. The motto of the College, Disce aut discede sets a fire among students and motivates them well. Colours of school are royal gold and blue which are considered as the colours of Great Britain Empire. Credits for the hit tune of College song among students was goes to Principal Maj. H.L. Reed, who composed the college song ‘school of our fathers’ in927.

There are five houses exist. Their names and colours are respectively as follows, Hartley - pink & blue, Harward - pink & grey, Marsh - red & black, Boake- Brown & Pink and Reed - red & cream. The house names reflect the names of former principals.

Currently, over 8000 students and 350 teachers attached to the academic activities of the College. Royal College is a premier educational institute which produce outstanding results in all academic, sports and non academic activities. With many clubs and sports activities including the second oldest consecutive cricket encounter in the world, the Battle of the Blues, College push the talents of the students to the world. The Colombo Royal College is the oldest public school which expels many Royalists with royal talent to the world.

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