Puttalam in Puttalam District is a district of the North Western Province of Sri Lanka.

Puttalam is an important town on the north western coast of Sri Lanka. It is about 135 kilometers from Colombo. It can be reached by train and bus. The north western coastal railway which is called the puttalam line terminates here. Puttalam which belongs to the low country dry zone has a warm dry climate the rainfall is seasonal and is between 25 – 50 inches. On an average the area has over 80 days of drought. The livelihood of the people in the area is conditioned by the climate and soil. Paddy is cultivated during the wet season while dry grains such as kurakkan are grown during the dry months. Cotton also grows well in this climate. Coconuts thrive in this sandy coastal area. Cement and salt are two of the major industries in the region. This area supplies a large portion of the country’s requirement of salt. Being coastal town fishing too is a major occupation. Puttalam was an important sea port in the time of the ancient kings. Merchants from the Arabian countries come here is search of arecanuts and cinnamon. In the 18th century during the Dutch occupation of the coastal regions, the Kandyan kings were unable to continue their trade as the Dutch closed this port from time to time. Puttalam being on the west coast of Sri Lanka was under foreign rule for mearly three centuries. The Christian religion Christian churches the Dutch canal and for tress are remnants of this period which can be seen even today.