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Horagolla National Park Gampaha
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Gampaha District was introduced as one of the districts of Sri Lanka only after 1970’s. The district is populated with 90% Sinhalese and the rest by other ethnicity. This is the district where a tourist can feel the mixture of urbanization and usual Sri Lankan village life. Also can enjoy with the fresh sea food, can taste variety of cashew nuts and the district is famous for pineapple plantation.

Geographical Location

Geographical coordinates – 07°08′ N 80°00′ E

The District Gampaha is located to the North of the commercial capital district, Colombo, at the same time Puttalam district cover from the north and Kegalle district bounded from the East.

Climatic condition

Gampaha is the District which receives enough rainfall all over the year. Although the District is in the tropical zone, it experiences a better rainfall throughout the year. The average temperature of Gampaha District is about 27 degree Celsius and the temperature varies by 2 degrees in each season.

How to reach?

By road – From Bandaranaike International Airport, Katunayake to Gampaha District it is only 45 to 60 minutes travel time and it covers nearly 22 to 28 Kilo-meters via Airport road. As the same from Colombo to Gampaha District, the travel time remains same via Colombo – Kandy high-way. But the travel time takes further 15 to 30 minutes if the traveller stepped into Avissawala road or Biyagma road before get –in to the Colombo- Kandy highway. Bus services are also available from Kattunayake to Gampaha frequently. The ticket fair varies from 500 Sri Lankan Rupees to 3000 Sri Lankan Rupees depending on the transport vehicle (tuk-tuk / taxi/public transport) and passenger comfort. If you travel from Kandy it’ll take nearly 2.30 hrs along Colombo – Kandy highway.

By train – From Colombo Fort to Gampaha frequent train services are available. Traveller has to travel for nearly one hour while passing 12 stops. The ticket fair varies from 30 Sri Lankan rupees to 110 Sri Lankan rupees depending on the “class” of train service. As the same Kandy to Gampaha train-services also available but the travel time is approximately 2 hours. Also the ticket fair varies from 90 Sri Lankan rupees to 300 Sri Lankan rupees with respect to each class. Even a traveller can fly from Kandy, Katugastota airport to Diyawana Oya, which is 35km apart from Gampaha but here also the total travel time remains comparatively same as the time you spend on drive.

To Do’s in Gampaha District

Naturally and artificially the District Gampaha comprises many tourist spots. The Negambo beach, Horagolla National park, Hamilton canal, Nara mangroves garden, Muthurajawela wetland marshes, Kelaniya anicut, Kandboda meditation center, Weweldaneiya cane crafts are some famous spots for tourists. Other than these, the District is famous for Catholic & Buddhist culture. Thewatta Besilika church, church of Salvation for the lost and destitute, Koskandavila Cave Temple, Pilikuththuwa Cave Temple, Maligathenna Cave Temple, Varana Cave Temple, Angurukaramulla Temple, Kelaniya Royal Temple and Attanagalla Raja Maha Viharaya are the structures which witness the traditions & culture of the District. 

Villages in Gampaha

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