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Sinhala and Tamil New year is one of the festive seasons during which many sweetmeats can be tasted. Aluwa is one such sweetmeat made out of handful number of ingredients which are easier to find. Main ingredients include raw rice flour and treacle. Since white flour is often used it is in white color.

Rice flour is fried in a dry pan till the flour vaporizes its moisture and till it turns a light gold color. Then in another pot, treacle, some water and lemon zest are stirred for a while until it becomes a thick liquid. Once the treacle is slightly chilled, flour is added along with some cardamom and cashew nuts. Then it is mixed well to make it a dough. Then the dough is made flat on a flat surface (on a tray). Then it is cut in to pieces in desired shape, most often diamond or squire shape. A mold can also be used to get an exact shape of Aluwa.