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Jaffna Police Station

Jaffna Police Station

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Police station of Jaffna is situated in the Mahathma Gandhi Road, Jaffna. It is also close proximity to the clock tower and Cargills square complex. The premises of police station is a famous landmark of past Jaffna namely Ashok hotel.But the foundation for a new building was laid in January 2012 near Jaffna fort and next to the present prison . According to the press reports soon the police station will shifted to its new building.According to a survey, there are 401 police stations available Island wide which serve 24hrs and Jaffna police station is one among them. Like all other police stations, Jaffna police station is also governed by Defence ministry, Government of Sri Lanka. Jaffna police service serves the people with full dedication and service mind to fulfil their motto. They consider the safety from crime and traffic, comfort, convenience of people and maintain peace in the region. The following services are rendered by the Jaffna police station, Emergency service during a disaster or accident, Tourist police guide the tourists,Issuing clearance certificate, accident report, and loudspeaker permits,Act for the general crime and maintain road safety.Senior superintendent of police is the official who governs the Jaffna District and other ranked officers such as Superintendent of Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Chief Inspector of Police, Inspector of Police, Sub Inspector of Police and Sergeants are available on Jaffna Police station. 

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