Cargills Square Cineplex ceylon theatre

Cargills Square Cineplex ceylon theatre

Cargills Square, a trendy mall located in the heart of Jaffna owned by Cargills Ceylon (PLC). The mall can be addressed as at the junction of Hospital Road and Mahathma Gandhi Road, Jaffna and also in front of the Jaffna Teaching Hospital. The Cargills Square mall comprises basement Vehicle Park, Cargills food city market, food court,KFC Jaffna other shops and three screen Cineplex. The mall was opened at the latter part of 2013.

The three screens Cineplex include one 3D cinema also. Ceylon Theatres PVT (LTD) are the one who operates this including the other Majestic Cineplex of Colombo, Empire Cineplex of Colombo, Regal Cineplex of Colombo, Regal Cineplex of Kandy and Regal Cineplex of Negombo screens. Ceylon Theatres PVT (LTD) plays a major role in cinema industry and which operates the cinema entertainments limited circuits, one of the responsible body for film distribution. Ceylon Theatres PVT (LTD) is experiencing more than 85 years in the cinema industry.

Majestic Cineplex Bronze section includes 100 number of seating, Majestic Cineplex Silver section includes 200 number of seating and Majestic Cineplex Platinum section includes 300 number of seating. Dolby digital sound system and latest picture projection technologies are available in the Cineplex. Jaffna International Cinema Festival held on September 2015 and Majestic Cineplex of Cargills Square, Jaffna also took part in screening the films.

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