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Aquarium Fish sale in Jaffna-Srilanka

Aquarium Fish sale in Jaffna-Srilanka

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Jaffna » sithankerny / சித்தன்கேணி

our fish aquarium located in Sithanekerney ,Jaffna District . we are selling all verity fishes, fish tanks and accessories. Available Fishes ( all verity and Breeding size fish )Goldfish Breeding Sizesmall gold fish(2cm) Silver Arowanacalico ( black Gold fish ) shubanky (8cm , 10cm )Cat FishOranda (12cm) Red comet (11cm)Gold fish Shubanky (9cm)Oscar BlackSword tail Kissing Gourami Carp Breeding big size Tiger Barb Molly (yellow/red/white/black) Scavenger Go lightBetta fish (fighter)Bonfire's Tetra Black moorTank cleanerBlue Guarami Large Breeding sizeFish Tanks and Prices ( Without Roof )15cm X 15cm X 30cm = 350/= 19cm X 21cm X 38cm = 650/= 22cm X 25cm X 46cm = 950/= 25cm X 26cm X 56cm = 1200/= 1feet X 1 feet X 2 feet = 1700/=Fish Tanks and Prices ( With Roof )1feet X 1 feet X 2 feet = 2500/= ( with roof + Free white Stones)

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